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The history of Altoona Neon begins with Larry Lane, who, back in 1927, attended sign painters’ school and began his work. In 1945 the doors officially opened as Altoona Neon & Sign Service. With World War II over and our boys returning home, several of the former fighter plane artists found a new home with us as well. Their skills at hand painting logos and names on the planes during the war brought some fresh talent into the business.

As the war ended, the baby boom hit next. A robust economy enabled businesses to flourish across America, and with new businesses cropping up everywhere there was an even greater demand for signs. Altoona Neon & Sign Service was right there, ready to help our local and regional businesses make their mark with their signage.

As the years passed Altoona Neon & Sign Service grew and expanded, until today where we are one of the largest and most diversified custom sign companies in Central PA. With our 12,000 sq. ft. production facility and offices, and a fleet of seven vehicles and two trailers, and, most importantly, decades of sign experience, we can confidently say...

Altoona Neon & Sign Service are the people for all your signage needs!